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You can win real money by playing Bingo Clash on Pocket7Games. These are three tips and strategies to help you maximum your points and winnings.

Bingo Clash High Score Tips & Strategies

It’s very difficult to play bingo while there’s a global pandemic happening. It’s the ultimate game for gatherings, but gatherings aren’t safe at the moment. But Pocket7Games makes it possible to play bingo during a pandemic, and it even allows you to play bingo for money through Bingo Clash!

Bingo Clash is one of the most popular games on Pocket7Games, and it can be an excellent way to earn Tickets and cash prizes. Bingo is bingo – it’s a pretty straightforward game – but Bingo Clash brings some new elements to the game.

I have discovered some tips and strategies for maximizing your score in Bingo Clash. You can use these yourself to help rack up the winnings and turn Pocket7Games into a legit side hustle.

Bingo Clash Tips & Strategies

Wait to Call Bingo

Your first instinct will be to call bingo immediately when you have one, but you must resist that urge.

If you wait until the late game to call them in, you can get bonuses for getting multiple bingos in a row. It also makes sense to save your bingos, because you want to give yourself time to amass the best boosts possible to capitalize on your late-game bingo-calling frenzy.

Hold Back Your Boosts

There are three types of boosts in Bingo Clash – G boosts, diamond boosts, and 2X boosts – and they can help you quite a bit in achieving a high score. It’s important to use them wisely.

You might be tempted to use a boost as soon as you get it, but that’s not ideal. Instead, you should hold them until the time is exactly right. For example: if you’re fortunate enough to get a 2X boost, you will want to save it until near the end of the game. If, like you should, you wait to call bingo until the game is almost over, then holding your 2X boosts also only makes sense. Then you can really make hay from those multiple bingos.

In general, you want as much of the game as possible to develop naturally before you begin to manipulate it with your boosts. That way, you will have maximum information, which gives you maximum control, which gives you maximum winnings.

Time Management

When you play bingo for money, the details matter.

The quicker you mark a number after it’s called, the better. You will get bonuses if you do it fast enough, as well as additional boosts. Plus, the quicker you’re able to get through numbers, the more likely you are to stack up bingos, boosts, and points.

If you want to turn Pocket7Games into a legit side hustle, you’ll need to make the most of the little things.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Like with everything else in life, practice makes perfect in Bingo Clash.

The more you play, the more you will get used to the game mechanics, rules and special techniques. These tips can only take you so far – when you’re in a Bingo Clash game, it’s up to you to make it happen. That comes with comfort, which comes with experience. For just 10 Tickets, you can play a practice match that can net you 20 Tickets. You can hone your skills there before entering the big leagues.

You can watch in-match replays if you want to improve. If you pay attention, you’ll notice your own mistakes. Then, when you find yourself in similar situations in the future, you’ll know what not to do, and your chances of earning cash prizes in Bingo Clash will only go up!

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