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2021 basketball year in review

2021 Basketball Year in Review, Part 2

The year is nearly over, so the Full Court Sound Off podcast reviewed all the biggest storylines for our 2021 Basketball Year in Review. Without searching on Google or consulting others’ memories, Solomon and Justin came up with what they remembered as the most memorable moments and stories in the sport from the past year and dove into each.

The conversation turned into a lengthy one, so the 2021 Basketball Year in Review has been broken into two parts. This is the second part, which covers the major happenings from the second half of the year, roughly.

2021 Basketball Year in Review, Part 2

These are a couple of the topics Solomon and Justin covered in this second part of the 2021 Basketball Year in Review doubleheader:

Bucks & Giannis Win It All

In 2021, the Milwaukee Bucks won their first NBA title in decades, and Giannis Antetokounmpo secured the first NBA championship of his career, changing how people view him now and forever.

Solomon and Justin discuss what it was like for them to watch the Bucks achieved something they hadn’t in a long time and certainly not in their lifetimes and what the trophy does for Giannis’s legacy and legitimacy as a premier player in the league.

The 2021 NBA Playoffs as a whole were outstanding and worth reminiscing about.

Steph Curry Breaks 3-Point Record

Steph Curry recently surpassed Ray Allen for become the all-time three-point leader in NBA history. Allen held the record for a handful of years, setting the milestone at 2,973. Curry will obliterate that number, currently closing in on 3,000 for his career and certain to pump that up much higher in the years to come.

At age 33, Curry still has some years left in him. He has been a transcendent player, impacting not only how NBA teams approach the game but also how basketball from the bottom up is played. He introduced the world to a different take on deep shooting, and when you add in the championships and other personal accolades, it’s clear that Curry will remembered in basketball lore for a very, very long time.

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