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Pocket7Games offers many opportunities for win free cash, from exhanging Tickets to inviting new players to playing free entry tournaments and more.

How to Win Free Cash on Pocket7Games

In the countless hours I’ve spent at home since March, I’ve had to get creative to keep myself entertained. Money has also been tight, so when I found Pocket7Games and discovered the ways it can be used to make extra money, I jumped on it.

Not only can Pocket7Games occupy you for hours, you can also win real money in the app, and not all of it requires you to invest anything. There are multiple ways to earn free cash without depositing a dime, offering the opportunity to use your mobile gaming to get your winnings without any risk.

Here are the handful of ways I have found to earn money without putting any in:

Winning Free Cash on Pocket7Games

Earn $0.6 from Certain Ticket Games

You can collect Tickets for free on Pocket7Games, and you can use them to make yourself some real money. You can spend Tickets to play games and enter some of the tournaments on the app. Most of these Ticket games don’t have cash prizes. However, for 8,000 Tickets, you can play games that can add $0.6 of real money to your account.

It might sound like a lot to earn 8,000 Tickets, but it’s not as much as it sounds. If you use your Tickets wisely, you can get that $0.6 to stack up.

A simple way to earn Tickets is playing some of the numerous games offered on Pocket7Games, including Bingo Clash, 21 Gold, Bubble Shot, and my personal favorite, Solitaire! Do well in those games, and you’ll rack up plenty of Tickets.

Invite New Players to Pocket7Games

Perhaps the simplest way to make extra money on Pocket7Games without having to deposit any of your own first is to invite new players to the app.

For every new player you bring to Pocket7Games, you can earn up to $80 – talk about some serious winnings! In the app, you can find your personalized code that new players can use when they sign up. When they do, you’ll have the opportunity to bring home some sizable cash prizes.

Exchange Tickets for Free Cash

Tickets can help you make extra money in other ways, too.

In the Ticket Store, you can trade Tickets for free cash (in the form of Bonus Cash) and real prizes. What the Ticket Store has to offer changes from time to time, so you need to stay updated on the best deals. But if you play it right, you can convert your Tickets into something nice with the Ticket Store.

Play Free Entry Tournaments

Pocket7Games has tons of tournaments. Many of them require an entry fee deposit, and if you want a shot at more lucrative games, you’ll have to put some money down first. But that’s not the case for all tournaments.

The app has free entry tournaments that only require Tickets to play. The cash prizes for these can be anywhere from $55 to $300. If you want to make extra money without having to spend any of your own, playing free tournaments on Pocket7Games is a great way to do it.

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