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Jay Williams vs Andrew Schulz One-on-One Game

Jay Williams vs Andrew Schulz One-on-One Game

Comedian Andrew Schulz and former Duke standout Jay Williams played one-on-one, first to seven, for $1,000, with Williams spotting Schulz six points.

This one’s an oldie but goodie.

In 2015, comedian Andrew Schulz and former Duke standout Jay Williams agreed to a game of one-on-one, each putting $500 on the line with the winner taking home both sums. To even the playing field, Schulz was awarded a head start: he began with six points in a game to seven.

Charlamagne the God and ESPN’s Amin Elhassan MC’d the showdown, standing behind a folding table with mics set in front of the duo and the clearly-makeshift attempt at a trophy between them, awaiting its hero.

If you want high-intensity basketball with more hand checks than a grocery self-checkout mixed with comedic relief, fit with an odd collection of people who don’t seem to belong awkwardly loitering along the sidelines, this is the video for you.

I won’t ruin the outcome for you in case you haven’t seen this before, but this is a dramatic, physical battle that came down to the line. Big shot lovers will have a field day.

The Spin on Schulz

Schulz is known for his podcast with Charlamagne tha God, The Brilliant Idiots, and his work on MTV’s Guy Code and Amazon’s Sneaky Pete, as well as his stand-up comedy. He performs nightly in New York, and you can find him at The Comedy Cellar, Stand Up NY, The Comedy Strip Live and New York Comedy Club.

He is also very active on YouTube, and you can find his channel here. He has hooped on his channel before, like in 2016 when he played one-on-one in San Francisco, and basketball appears on his other social media, too.

To follow Schulz elsewhere online, you can find him on Twitter and Instagram where he is very active and often posts clips of his stand-up material, as well as other jokes and bits of comedy.

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