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college basketball video games return

Could College Basketball Video Games Return?

On July 1, the NCAA adopted a new policy about athletes’ abilities to profit off of their own name, image, and likeness (NIL). It has opened up the floodgates for sponsorships and promotions and revived a once-dormant question: could college basketball video games now return?

With players now allowed to make their own deals with private businesses to use their NIL, the answer is unequivocally yes, college basketball video games can return. But whether or not they will is still unknown; there’s more that goes into it than that.

The last college basketball video game produced, NCAA College Basketball 10, came out in 2009, a few years before legal action forced the end of the EA’s NCAA Football series. The college basketball video games weren’t ended because of anything legal, though the writing for college sports video games was already on the wall.

EA Sports announced this week that it will be bringing back an old sports franchise soon, giving July 20 as the date the revival franchise will be named. There are plenty of past games that could reasonably be getting the rebirth, but the return of college basketball video games isn’t an outlandish option.

With the NIL rules going into effect earlier this month, the timing would seem to point in the direction of college basketball getting priority, too.

It’s not all up to EA, though. 2K’s College Hoops franchise was also popular among college basketball video game enthusiasts, particularly College Hoops 2K8, which many fans of college hoops video games still cherish.

Now that EA, 2K, or any other developer could pay players to feature in their video games, the thought of a college basketball game coming to you in the next couple of years is much, much more likely.

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