Becoming a Ref: The Week Off

I have been spending the last several months becoming a basketball ref, and last week was my first real work working consistently. I did four games in five days and was most certainly broken into the profession.

This week, I haven’t had any games, somewhat due to the holidays, but also because no one assigned me any for this week and I didn’t otherwise look for any. After the week I had, I decided it would be best for me to lay low for a little bit. Officiating put a significant amount of strain on my anxiety and mental health, and I needed to step away for some time to regain my composure.

My next date is this coming weekend doing youth games again in the same league I already worked. I’m a bit nervous, but not too bad because of the positive experience I had when I was a ref at this level a few weeks ago. But not long after that, I return to the middle school circuit, and that has me extremely anxious. I am praying that I don’t end up with a similar situation as last time. If I do, though, I’m also praying that I’m more equipped to handle it and keep the game under control.

I have done some practicing – reading the rule book here and there, paying attention to the refs when I’m watching basketball, working on my toss – but nothing too serious. Last week was so bad that it was starting to diminish my love for basketball, so I have felt like removing myself from significant ref work for seven days was in my best interest.

This week, I will have to get back into combing through the rules and manuals I have at my disposal. Feeling like I have those memorized from front to back will help me with my confidence on the court, and it should make my responsibilities as a ref come much easier.

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