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The new Wayward Supply Staff provides you with everything you need to survive the great outdoors in the palm of your hand.

Wayward Supply Staff Brings Great Safety to Great Outdoors

You’ll be prepared for survival with the Wayward Supply Staff.

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Wayward Trading Post, a new outdoor supplier that couples craftsmanship and practicality into one.

The groundbreaking creation from Wayward Trading Post that is set to disrupt the market is its Supply Staff, which gives you everything you need to survive the great outdoors in the palm of your hand. The Wayward Supply Staff utilizes a layered design with a compartmentalized core. It stands 5-feet tall, with size customizations available for free, with more than one foot of the staff wrapped in paracord for a comfortable handle. This handmade staff incorporates a blend of durability, flexibility and lightweight through the Pennsylvania ash trees used to create these survival sticks.

If you ever find yourself lost, you’ll be glad you have your Wayward Supply Staff with you. You can disassemble the walking stick to unveil valuable survival supplies. Uncasing the outermost layer will yield 40 feet of paracord. Under that is layer two: a sanitary plastic bag holding gauze, alcohol wipes and a 6×3 Mylar blanket. All items are held down with two feet of reusable duct tape, and the plastic bag that keeps your bandages safe and dry can double as a water collection bag.

The core of the Wayward Supply Staff houses a full tang field knife with a 3-inch blade, allowing you to fashion a proper handle with your paracord. If you already have a field knife, it can be attached to the top of the Supply Staff via the eyelets, creating a sturdy spearhead for fishing and defense. All of your core supplies are held securely behind laminate covers you can crack open as needed. Also packed in the staff are two fishing hooks with line, a quick access socket for items of your choice, such as medications, water purification tablets, four waterproof matches, one steel snare and one stick of flint.

Lastly, at the top of the staff is a camera mount, so you can use your Wayward Supply Staff as the perfect monopod to film scenery, yourself or whatever you want.

Wooden Lacrosse Stick Maker Justin Skaggs has been knocking this idea around for years. His plans are to create a marketplace for hand crafted outdoors gear, similar to what he has done with The Wayward Supply Staff is just the first of many products that couple Tina and Justin Skaggs plan to bring to fruition.

Hatchets are next on the docket, and they’ll shortly be followed by some astonishing fly fishing nets, English long bows, and many more accessories. At 32 years old, Skaggs is looking at this project as a way to expand his woodworking skills.

“I am addicted to seeing folks use the things that I have made. When people are happy with something I have built, that is when I’m fully satisfied. I want to be hiking in Colorado some day and casually walk by a couple and their Wayward Supply Staffs. That is a life well lived”

Justin Skaggs, Wayward Trading Post

The Wayward Supply Staff is available now, with customizations also offered! Never enter the wildness unprotected again.

For every Supply Staff that sells, Wayward Trading Post will plant a tree in its place through the organization, helping with reforestation and keeping the great outdoors great. It’s just one of many ways Wayward Trading Post aims to give back to the nature that keeps us all sane and balanced.

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