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The Last Night of the ABA looks into the final game ever played in the ABA and helps give some background context to the iconic league.

The Last Night of the ABA

It has been nearly 50 years since the end of the ABA, but its spirit still lives on in the modern NBA and in modern basketball.

If you’re like myself and were not born soon enough to catch the ABA while it was happening, this video will help you teach you some about the iconic league. If you are old enough to have watched it for yourself, this video will take you back to a simpler time, when bell bottom jeans and afros reigned supreme. It might also inspire you to tell those darn youngsters from down the block to get off your lawn!

“The Last Night of the ABA” aired on NBA TV and looked into the final day the league played, giving some historical context to it all, too. It features stories from Dr. J, Larry Brown, Doug Moe, Wendell Ladner and more.

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