Who Will Win the Men’s 2021 NCAA Tournament?

It’s early January. That means March is right around the corner, and after the coronavirus stole March Madness from us in 2020, it’s pretty safe to say that the college basketball world is starving for the 2021 NCAA Tournament.

It appears that we will get an NCAA Tournament in 2021, COVID-19 be damned. It was announced recently that the men’s tournament will all be held in Indianapolis to avoid travel and other complications during the pandemic, further solidifying the NCAA’s plans to go ahead with its postseason event.

So, someone will have to win this thing.

This has not been a normal season for reasons you probably don’t need listed out for you. Could that mean mayhem in March? It’s college basketball, and it’s the modern age, so almost definitely.

Wouldn’t you like to be the one who correctly predicted what will happen?

Make your voice heard in this poll to stake your stance months before the tournament field is even announced. Who do you think takes the 2021 national championship this year, the first one in two years? Will it be Gonzaga, finally getting over the hump and cementing itself as a legacy program in the sport? Could Baylor also capture its first title and claim its spot among the top programs? Perhaps one of the Big Ten’s myriad of talented squads brings the conference its first national championship since 2000 (Maryland winning as an ACC member in 2002 does NOT count)? Or could it be someone totally out of left field, a la 2014 UConn? I don’t know, you make the call.

Then, in a few months, after the 2021 NCAA Tournament has ended, you can revisit this poll and discover how incredibly wrong you were, you big, stupid idiot, even though the answer was plainly right in front of your dumb face the whole time.

  • Who will win the 2021 Men’s NCAA Tournament?

    • Gonzaga
    • Baylor
    • Michigan
    • Texas
    • Villanova
    • Wisconsin
    • Iowa
    • Other

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