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Full Court Sound Off new basketball podcast

New Basketball Podcast: NBN Announces Full Court Sound Off

Nothing But Nylon has a new basketball podcast coming for you soon: the Full Court Sound Off.

Featuring the very handsome man who has changed your life and is worthy of undying adulation and worship, Justin, and a guy he’s met before, Solomon, the Full Court Sound Off will bring you everything from basketball banter to deep dives into moments in hoops history to interviews with those who make the game what it is and more. And we will make it sexy.

New Basketball Podcast: NBN’s Full Court Sound Off

Things will never be the same starting Tuesday, July 27, 2021.

That’s the day the Full Court Sound Off will drop its first three episodes, supplying you with the best new basketball podcast of the day.*

Take some time during your morning commute or walk or whatever the hell you do in the morning to listen to Justin and Solomon debate college basketball versus the NBA, provide you with a historical rundown on the impact of the ’96 Atlanta Olympics on women’s basketball and the WNBA, and some Bucks title, 2020 Olympics, and other current events talk, too.

Moving forward, you can expect new episodes early every Tuesday morning. Sometimes they’ll focus on what’s happening now, other times we’ll tackle topics that aren’t so timely. We’ll also have interviews with basketball players, coaches, media members, and other friends we rightly or wrongly think have something worthwhile to say. Raymond Tortuga might even make an appearance or two.

Who knows what sorts of wacky hijinks and zany antics we’ll get into on FCSO!

For updates on the show, you can go to the Full Court Sound Off Twitter or Nothing But Nylon’s Twitter or Instagram.

Prepare your hearts, minds, and souls for this unbelievable journey for which you are to embark, because the Full Court Sound Off is here to uplift you from your chains with the highest form of basketball discourse this side of the Mississippi.

* = maybe

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