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2021-22 NBA preview

NBA Preview 2021-22: Who Claims the Crown?

The 2021-22 NBA season is right around the corner, so the Full Court Sound Off podcast took an in-depth look at the league to preview what to expect this season.

NBA Preview 2021-22

Packed Pacific

The Pacific Division appears absolutely loaded, with the Golden State Warriors looking at a very different season without (ideally) the same level of injuries as in 2020-21, the Los Angeles Lakers adding players in free agency and looking poised to return to 2019-20 form, the Los Angeles Clippers still having some elite talent, and the Phoenix Suns coming fresh off a trip to the NBA Finals with its core still intact.

And, oh yeah, the Sacramento Kings exist.

Some of the best teams in the NBA are in this division, but Solomon views the Warriors and Lakers as the two true threats to win the West and ultimately a championship. He has concerns with the drama that seems to surround the Clippers and the youth of the Suns and prefers the veterans who he’s seen do it before who will wear Warriors and Lakers jerseys in 2021-22.

Are the Nets in Trouble?

Whether or not Kyrie Irving will play for the Nets, or anyone, this season is in question. The vaccine mandate in New York City doesn’t align with his unwillingness to take it, and the Nets don’t appear to want to rock the boat by either trying to force his hand or move him along for fear it could disrupt relations with Kevin Durant and/or James Harden.

What does this mean for Brooklyn’s season? Probably not good things. Solomon thinks it’s likely the Nets have a poor start, possibly even sitting at about .500 at Christmas. The story could be different in the second half, and he thinks they’ll be comfortably in the playoffs and perhaps even the No. 1 seed in the East come April. But the distractions and complications that are coming from Irving will derail the Nets enough to keep them from winning an NBA championship, let alone the East.

Season MVP?

With how much will fall on his shoulders as he’ll likely be without one of his top teammates, Solomon is predicting Kevin Durant to be the MVP of the 2021-22 NBA season.

Solomon expects a big year out of Durant. He won’t be what holds the Nets back.

NBA Finals Preview?

With all the drama hovering over the Nets and Irving’s status in question, Solomon doesn’t think they’ll be the ones to represent the East in the NBA Finals. So, that honor falls to last season’s champions, the Milwaukee Bucks.

From the West, Solomon expects the Lakers to return back to the NBA Finals after skipping out last season. With a healthier roster and some major additions in the offseason, including Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony, the Lakers will return to the top of the league by winning their second NBA championship in three seasons.

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