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Las Vegas Aces – WNBA Prestige Rank 2019

Since the team only has one season in the books, don’t focus on the last place seating of the Las Vegas Aces. With a fiery young roster to boast about, the future is bright for Vegas.

Editor’s Note: In 2019, Nothing But Nylon created Prestige Rankings, a system designed to display the very best and very worst teams any basketball league has had to offer over history. Using points based upon various accomplishments or failures, we have ranked every WNBA team in multiple ways to show you who has truly run the show since 1997. We start now with #12 Las Vegas Aces, but take a look at all of the criteria and defunct teams to get a good idea of how things work.


Years Active: 2018-Present (previously San Antonio Stars)
Prestige Score: -4
Prestige Rank: 23/23
Active Rank: 12/12


With an incredibly short history, this breakdown will be short and (semi)sweet. The Aces have existed for only one season and inherited a roster that needed time, going 14-20 in 2018. Their placement in these rankings can’t surprise anyone, nor does it mean much. When you’ve only played one season, you’re bound to find yourself low in a league-wide prestige rankings.

There is potential here for Las Vegas to move its way up the rankings over the next few years. The team has some nice pieces, namely 2018 WNBA Draft No. 1 overall pick A’ja Wilson, 2019 No. 1 Jackie Young and Kayla McBride, plus three-time WNBA Champion Bill Laimbeer as head coach. But for the time being, the Aces are the lowest on the WNBA totem pole and have some serious work to do to climb up the league’s ladder.

Aces Totals

WNBA Championships: 0 |0 points|
WNBA Finals Appearances: 0 (0 points|
Series Wins: 0 |0 points|
Playoffs Wins: 0 |0 points|
Playoffs Byes: 0 |0 points)|
Playoffs Appearances: 0 |0 points|
Regular Season Top Record: 0 |0 points|
Above .500 Regular Season: 0 |0 points|
All-WNBA Player on Roster: 0 |0 points|
MVP on Roster: 0 |0 points|
Coach of the Year: 0 |0 points|
Regular Season Worst Record: 0 |0 points|
Below .500 Regular Season: 1 |-4 points|

Total points: |-4|

We will be releasing one Prestige Ranking everyday for each of the WNBA’s current 12 teams to get prepared for the season. Follow along to see how the totals shake out and which team is really on top of the league.

Photo provided by WNBA/Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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