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Kentucky vs Houston was one of many memorable games from the 2019 NCAA Tournament, with both teams eyeing a national championship.

Kentucky vs Houston Sweet 16 2019

Kentucky vs Houston in the 2019 Sweet 16 was one of the many memorable games from that season’s NCAA Tournament, the most recent March Madness the world has been afforded (yes, I’m still in mourning). Whether we have a normal college basketball season in 2020-21, or if we have one at all, remains to be seen. But what cannot be taken away from us are the games that were already played. Take that, coronavirus!

Kentucky had whooped No. 15 seed Abilene Christian, 79-44, in the first round, then survived a battle with No. 7 seed Wofford, 62-56, to get to the program’s third-straight Sweet 16. Houston annihilated No. 14 seed Georgia State, 84-55, in its first game of the tournament, then eventually moved by No. 11 seed Ohio State, 74-59, to get to its first second weekend since 1984.

If the Wildcats won, it would mean their second-straight trip to the Elite Eight and seventh time there since 2010. For the Cougars, they hadn’t been to the Elite Eight since 1984 either, which was the year the program lost in the national championship game for the second time in a row, falling to Georgetown, 84-75, in the ultimate game.

These were the starting lineups for Kentucky vs Houston:

No. 2 Kentucky

1 – Ashton Hagans (Fr.)

2 – Keldon Johnson (Fr.)

3 – Tyler Herro (Fr.)

4 – Reid Travis (Sr.)

5 – EJ Montgomery (Fr.)

No. 3 Houston

1 – Galen Robinston Jr. (Sr.)

2 – Armoni Brooks (Jr.)

3 – Corey Davis Jr. (Sr.)

4 – Breaon Brady (Sr.)

5 – Fabian White Jr. (So.)

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