Dunk Shot High Score Tips & Strategies

If you’re a hoops fanatic, then you’d better be playing Dunk Shot on Pocket7Games!

The virtual basketball game is the mobile gaming app’s homage to the court sport. By tapping on the screen, you propel a basketball up into the air, aiming to get it to land perfectly inside the hoop on the screen. The hoops will vary in height throughout the game, forcing you to adjust with each basket. The rhythm of the balls’ bounces changes as the game goes on, and these variables are part of what make this one of the most interesting skill games on the app.

If you can get a good handle on how it all works in Dunk Shot, you can add some winnings to your bank account and use your mobile gaming as a legit side hustle. But this is one of Pocket7Games’ skill games – you’ll need to know what you’re doing to get the cash prizes.

That’s where these tips and strategies come in, hopefully making it easier for you to stack some real money with your not-quite-as-real basketball shot. Watch some film, if you will, before checking into the game.

Dunk Shot Tips & Strategies

Bonuses are King

With a timer and a limited number of balls, you only get so many shots in a game of Dunk Shot. For example, if you launch the ball high up into the air and get it to land into the hoop, you’ll get bonus points beyond what you would have earned for a regular basket. Bank shots are also bonuses, as well as swishes and other tricks. The more of these you can pull off, the higher your score will be, and you won’t waste time and shots on baskets worth less.

Dunk Shot

Now, it takes time and practice to get comfortable with this. This is why this is one of this app’s skill games – it takes skill to do well. Bear in mind that when you first start playing, you won’t execute these with a ton of effectiveness. But the more you play, the more you’ll get the hang of it, and working bonuses into every one of your shots will feel as natural as those winnings adding up in your account.

Keep the Ball in the Air

Like with most games with timers, your efficiency is very important in Dunk Shot. Your shots need to be as bonus-focused as possible, but like in real basketball, the more shots you get up, the more likely you are to have some fall.

Dunk Shot

If you never let the ball touch the ground, it will help you rack up more made shots quickly. When the ball hits the floor, it loses some steam and momentum, and you want the ball to do the work, also like in real basketball (see the pattern?).

If you want real money, you need real efficiency, and pretending the floor is lava is a good way to help maximize that in Dunk Shot.

Mind the Shadow

When you launch the ball way up into the air, it can leave your screen as it enters the stratosphere. But you’re trying to land it into the basket, how can you do this without seeing the ball?

Take a look down at the court when the ball is out of sight. You’ll notice a small shadow, which will grow in size the closer the ball gets to reaching the earth, underneath the ball.

Dunk Shot

This shadow is your lifeline for keeping track of your ball while it’s not in view, and without minding it, getting those bonuses will be much, much, more difficult. So, keep track of the shadow, or forget about cash prizes in Dunk Shot.

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