College Hoops 2K8 Dynasties to Watch on YouTube

Reddit March Madness has become a popular alternative to March Madness, which COVID-19 cancelled for 2020. The virtual tournament has been simulated on College Hoops 2K8, one of the most recent college basketball video games that exists, even though it’s from 13 years ago.

I have never played College Hoops 2K8 before as I grew up on NCAA March Madness 06 and NCAA Basketball 10, but watching this tournament has given me a new-found appreciation for the game. Interested in how the dynasty mode in College Hoops 2K8 compares with those I’m familiar with, I found myself searching for dynasty series from the game on YouTube.

Here are some of the most intriguing ones I found, and I recommend you give them a chance if something like this sounds like it’s down your alley.

College Hoops 2K8 Dynasty Series

MWGaming – Grambling State

If you’re looking for hours-long videos and days and days worth of seemingly endless content, then MWGaming’s dynasty with Grambling State is for you.

Grambling State went 2-27 before head coach Tyler Wilson, controlled by MWGaming, and was looking for something, anything, to help it get out of the national basement. Don’t make any qualms about it: the team is really bad when MWGaming gets to it. Like, really bad. Like watching the earliest games can be painful, bad. But he knows it, and he spends a lot of the games laughing about the awfulness displayed on his screen.

Now, MWGaming does not stick around at Grambling State forever. I don’t want to give away what ends up happening, but I’ll let it slip that that’s not his final destination. In fact, he does so with glee.

“God damn, has this just been the saltiest of seasons, and I am fucking gone. Sayonara, Grambling State,” MWGaming said at the conclusion of what he determined would be his final game coaching Grambling State. “What a fitting end. I am doneski. I don’t give a shit what shitbag, God damn awful team I go up with. I will make them better. I don’t give a fuck.”

As you can see, he can be a fun guy to watch.

Unlike the other dynasties I’ve shared here, this one is looooong. Very long and very comprehensive. If you plan on really getting into something like this and keeping up with it over a good course of time, then this is the College Hoops 2K8 dynasty you should watch.

Crayniaq Gaming – Sacramento State

Those of us who are deep enough into college sports video games have tried our hands at not rebuilding, but completely building a tiny program from nothing into a national power. Well, Sacramento State is a pretty good prototype for that sort of challenge, and that’s the task Crayniaq Gaming chose to tackle.

Crayniaq Gaming does a good job of providing information on the players without overloading you. Each video contained one or two games from the dynasty, and they’re generally between 10-15 minutes long. He has been doing this Sacramento State dynasty for more than a year now, with the most recent upload coming in early February.

He does dynasties of other games from other sports, too, so if you’re interested in that, this is a channel you’ll definitely want to see about.

CollegeSportsREVIVED – Tennessee-Martin

CollegeSportsREVIVED took an interesting approach with this one. At the beginning of the College Hoops 2K8 dynasty, you are introduced to Coach Carter, who I’m sure you previously thought was a fictional character in a basketball movie played by Samuel L. Jackson. Well, it turns out that you’re wrong. Really, he’s a fictional character in a basketball video game who coaches Tennessee-Martin men’s hoops.

That’s right, Ken Carter, who is actually a real person that the movie was based off of, has decided that he has done enough at Richmond High School. It’s time for him to challenge himself at the college level, and so he has chosen the Skyhawks as his destination.

CollegeSportsREVIVED is very in-depth and leaves no detail unexplained. His videos are typically 20-30 minutes, and you expect to have a wealth of information thrown at you in each one.

Now, unfortunately, he hasn’t finished one season yet, and the last video of this series was posted in February 2019. So, if closure is something you’re after, go somewhere else. But if you don’t need that and just want to watch some game play with insightful and creative commentary, this should do the trick for you.

Franchise Gaming – Nebraska

The only gamer on our list to start at a power-conference program is Franchise Gaming, but don’t let that fool you: Nebraska is far from an easy place to win.

As those in Lincoln know, at least those not completely enamored by football even in March, Nebrasketball has never won an NCAA Tournament game. The Cornhuskers have been to the Big Dance seven times – only once in the last 20 years – and failed to win a game every single time.

That’s part of why Franchise Gaming decided to rebuild the Nebraska program, the process of which is still underway. He is only a few videos into the series and hasn’t updated in a handful of weeks, but the first several episodes are engaging and interesting. Each video lasts between 11-18 minutes or so, so you can expect to move through it all pretty quick.

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