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Adam Sandler basketball highlights

Best Adam Sandler Basketball Highlights

Adam Sandler has become an internet sensation with his hooping, so we’ve put together his best basketball highlights all in one place.

Widely known for his comedy and movies, Adam Sandler seems to also be branching out into oversized T-shirt basketball, which has endeared him to millions since the videos of him balling out in thrift store fits have surfaced.

Sandler has a history of balling in public. Tons of people have stories of randomly playing pick up with the actor, and he goes out of his way to play with organized teams when he can. There aren’t always videos, but sometimes we have pictures, or at least really happy people who take their emotions to the internet.

Chris Collins of Santa Monica, California, told Quinn Myers of Mel Magazine of his experience balling with Sandler in August.

“At first glance, I was like, ‘No … nooooo, this guy’s dressed like such a bum,” Collins told Myers. “He really was dressed like such a bum; he was literally wearing those funky, blue gas-station sunglasses, these long, baggy, shiny nylon AND1 shorts from the 2000s, a baggy grey shirt, black Nikes … just a baggy-ass outfit all around.”

Collins then played three-straight games with Sandler and now has a story he’ll never forget.

As much as we’d all like to see Sandler test his skills out in the NBA, it appears unlikely that the league will let the actor in. So, we’ll have to settle for the ultimate collection of Adam Sandler basketball highlights instead. I’m sorry.

Best Adam Sandler Basketball Highlights

Pick Up with NBA Players in Philly – September 2021

The most recent sighting of Adam Sandler on a basketball court is one of the best of his hooping highlights yet. The actor is in Philadelphia filming for his upcoming movie, “Hustle,” which focuses on a former basketball recruiter trying to revive his career through an overseas player, and he hit the hardwood with some NBA players, including Tobias Harris, Trae Young, Boban Marjanovic, Aaron Gordon, and more.

Long Island – May 2021

In May, Sandler was spotted at a Long Island basketball court swimming in white shorts and a pink collared tee, simultaneously looking nothing and everything like a hooper.

From the travels to the delicious Sandler dimes that ended in an airball and a brick, it’s all so perfect. Just ask Baron Davis.

AUAA 3-on-3 All-Star Game – 2019

This is much better than a highlight clip, this is Adam Sandler playing 3-on-3 basketball with some of his posse against members of the Dan Patrick Show. It’s a more than 30-minute long video with the full game, and boy, is it terrible. Sandler will surprise you with some of his passes, it’s mostly six out-of-shape, middle-aged men putzing around with a basketball. The interviews and overall concept are funny, though.

If you adjust your expectations, you won’t be disappointed.

Christopher Morley Park, Long Island – 2017

Adam Sandler is known for playing pick up basketball wherever he goes. In 2017, he was on Long Island and needed to ball, so he hit up Christopher Morley Park and played with some locals.

LA Fitness in Atlanta – 2019

Sandler showed up at an LA Fitness in 2019 ready to hoop. He had some absolute bullet passes, connected on a reverse layup, drained a pull-up jumper, and all around did his thing. This is perhaps the best Adam Sandler has looked in any of these random short basketball highlights that have appeared of him.

A Backyard – Date Unknown

The Meat vs. The Sandman, the ultimate battle of wits and fortitute.

Swampscott, Massachusetts – 2012

Adam Sandler found some blacktop in Swampscott, Massachusetts, with fellow actor Peter Dante and played some 3-on-3 with some dudes. There are some serious hustle plays, and Sandler has a great entry pass that leads to a layup.

Don’t Forget Sandler’s Most Important Lesson

It’s imperative that you never forget this important piece of wisdom Sandler imparted on the inhabitants of an Atlantic City court before balling with them in 2019.

When we all hoop, everything is good.

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