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SEC basketball jerseys

All 14 SEC Basketball Jerseys, Ranked

The SEC has a good collection of unique basketball jerseys in its arsenal. Even though many schools in the conference share similar color schemes, most of the uniforms feel relatively unique from one another.

However at the end of the day, some jerseys are just better than others.

For this list, I decided to take my favorite look from each team instead of just doing typical home or away. The only requirement was that the team had to currently have that uniform in the team’s jersey rotation.

SEC Basketball Jerseys Ranked

14: MIssissippi State

The main thing really holding these jerseys back is the new line of Adidas jersey that the team is using. The floating Adidas logo on the color looks very unnatural and makes the whole jersey feel cheap. Some teams have been able to make it work – sadly, Mississippi State has not.

I have always loved Mississippi State’s colors and the schools block “M” logo. However, I find the entire wordmark logo stretched across the chest very unappealing to the eye. The wordmark is just too busy and is difficult to format on jerseys without making it seem forced.

13: Auburn

With a few minor tweaks, these jerseys could easily skyrocket on this list. Auburn uses a very distinct shade of orange that is very different from more common shades found at schools like Clemson and Syracuse. I love the idea of Auburn wearing an all-orange kit, but these just feel off.

The wordmark and number font feel too skinny, especially when you consider that’s the only real element on the entire uniform. There are no stripes or accent features to be found anywhere on this jersey. The shoulders have an awesome stripe pattern that leads to nowhere for whatever reason.

Take the tiny stripe pattern on the shoulders and stretch that across the side of the shorts and jersey, and these would be amazing. Make the font more distinct, and the entire uniform would be elite.

12: Florida

Florida typically does a really good job at maintaining a consistent brand image across all of its programs. While I think many of the school’s brand assets work on other sports teams, I think it just feels cluttered on a basketball jersey.

I think the twisty line streaking down the side of the jersey and the shorts is hideous, to say the least. It’s not something you would notice right away, but once you start looking at SEC basketball jerseys more in-depth, it becomes hard to ignore.

The font feels very squished together and becomes even more difficult to read with the white outline. My last gripe about this jersey is with the shorts. The shorts feature an entirely-black waistband, which is extremely questionable considering there are no other hints of black anywhere on this jersey.

11: Arkansas

From this point onward, I don’t have many issues with the remaining jerseys on this list. Some uniforms definitely do some things better than others, but for the most part, all of the remaining looks are pretty solid.

Arkansas decided to keep things simple, and I can’t really blame them. The school has a relatively boring color scheme, so it’s difficult to branch out and make something entirely unique to Arkansas.

I love the font that is featured on the front and how easily legible it is without any sort of outline. The jersey features solid color outlines on the collar and shoulders, which was a smart decision as anything else would have felt unnatural.

There’s an argument to be made that this jersey should be higher on this list, but I just feel the color scheme is really holding Arkansas back.

10: Alabama

From a distance, it’s difficult to tell these uniforms apart from Arkansas. Both schools feature a maroon and white color scheme with no real wiggle room for creativity.

Many of the things I liked about the Arkansas jersey carries here. I find the bold Alabama font very appealing, and the numbers look very distinct. The jersey looks good, the shorts look good. What more can I really say?

9: Mizzou

There aren’t a lot of bad things to say about this uniform set from Mizzou. It utilizes the University’s colors and well and features a phenomenal wordmark across the chest.

The colors and stripes are balanced perfectly together, which is a good thing considering it would have been very easy to have the yellow overwhelm the entire jersey on a black backdrop. The font for the numbers works surprisingly well considering how untraditional it is.

Overall, this is a fine SEC basketball jersey with not a whole lot I would change.

8: Georgia

This is certainly one of the more unique SEC basketball jerseys and for good reason.

Georgia uses a very bright shade of red that could very easily be overwhelming if used incorrectly. I love the decision to use red more as an accent feature to outline the carbon fiber stripe down the side of the uniform. The carbon fiber pattern looks phenomenal here and is something I’ve never seen before on a basketball jersey. All of the stripes and patterns on this jersey set are truly perfect.

I also admire the decision to use a light gray base color instead of going with a traditional white. It makes the uniform stand out amongst the rest and only enhances the red and carbon fiber stripe.

The font is fine to say the least, while I do feel it would look better without the red outline. I don’t have too many complaints about this look, but I feel there are more SEC schools with better basketball jerseys.

7: South Carolina

This jersey is so close to being higher on this list but there are a few features that really just hold it back. The Gamecock color scheme is a good starting point but I feel there are tiny details that could have been easily averted.

I don’t understand why you would put a black outline on dark maroon font. It makes the wordmark difficult to read and blends together the borders of the numbers. The jersey top itself is very basic but the bold colors allow it to do so.

The shorts are just a travesty to say the least. I understand some basketball fans enjoy very loud and energetic shorts, but I am not one of those fans. I truly enjoy the stripe pattern itself but don’t understand why it has to rotate to the front of the shorts. It would look much better streaking down the side of the jersey and shorts.

Don’t even get me started on the Minecraft block belt buckle either.

Even with all of those complaints, this is a good looking uniform. The University has a great color scheme to work with that work very well on a white backdrop. As much as I like to hate on the tiny details of this jersey, overall the entire uniform is appealing to the eye.

6: Vanderbilt

I could easily make an argument that this is one of the best SEC basketball jerseys. Vanderbilt has some great branding assets at its disposal, and I think they did everything right with this jersey.

It’s rare to see a team not have any sort of shoulder piping and stripes down the side of the uniform. Vanderbilt decided to go with a black collar and a striped pattern surrounding the cuff of the shorts. For some odd reason, I think this works very well. While I don’t think it would work with another schools color scheme, it feels right at home with Vanderbilt’s black and gold.

This is a truly perfect white jersey set and I don’t have any true complaints. For some odd reason though, I felt uncomfortable putting it any higher on this list.

5: Texas A&m

What truly makes a SEC basketball jersey elite is simplicity. It is difficult to create a simplistic jersey without it feeling boring or incomplete and that is where the real challenge begins. There are many different aspects that go into creating an elite uniform such as school colors, logos, and wordmarks. These are factors that cannot be changes but need to showcased correctly.

The Aggies understood these factors and decided to put them center stage. The school has an amazing maroon and white color scheme, which is the real strength of this jersey. The wordmark isn’t too overpowering, and the font is extremely basic, to say the least.

The slight details in the material of the jersey and shorts is what really keeps this jersey from feeling boring. It’s almost unnoticeable as the pattern is tiny streaks of black that can only really be seen from up close. It is a very subtle detail but is extremally necessary.

Texas A&M has phenomenal tools at its disposable to make a clean basketball jersey and that is exactly what they have done.

4: LSU

Purple and gold continues to be one of the best color schemes in all of sports. The two colors work so well with one another there is no need to throw in a shade of white or gray which is what the Tigers decided to do here.

The LSU fits nicely across the chest and anything else for the Tigers would just look weird. This entire uniform features bold gold stripes all the way from the collar down to the bottom of the shorts. The entire uniform just looks good and there is really no way around that.

3: Kentucky

Tradition speaks for itself with this one. There is no need to over analyze this one as it truly is a perfect jersey.

Every element of the jersey is balanced so well together it’s hard to find any complaint. In no world should a checkered pattern look as good as it does here.

2: Tennessee

The Volunteers have one of the most unique color schemes in all of sports. The vibrant orange alone is enough to make this uniform stand out on any court but the real beauty in this kit is in the details.

I will always be a fan of sandwiching the school’s mascot over the player number as it feels very traditional yet modern at the same time. Any other attempt to utilize “Tennessee” or “Volunteers” would have looked weird due to the number of letters in each word.

While I do feel this uniform would look better without the thin piping on the collar and shoulder, I can’t say that I hate it. Anything else would have been too overbearing due to how bright the schools orange is, and removing them entirely would have made the SEC basketball jersey feel incomplete.

The giant block of orange stretched down the side was an interesting choice but I think it works. I love that the Tennessee logo is etched into the large orange block instead of being placed on like a sticker.

1: Ole Miss

The uniform has everything you could ever want from a SEC basketball jersey. It has a perfect blend of colors and doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel but plays to Ole Miss’s strengths. Ole Miss has a great lineup of colors at its disposal, making it easy to stand out among the rest with the right execution.

All of the colors are balanced perfectly with one another which is a more difficult task than some may think. The stripe down the side is simple in approach yet very bold due to being placed on a red backdrop. The solid navy piping on the collar and shoulders is a nice accent feature, as anything else would have been too much.

The Ole Miss wordmark fits perfectly on a basketball jersey as its legible and very unique to the University. Normally I am not a fan of outline the wordmark as it then makes it difficult to read or overbearing. However in this case, the blue outline works perfectly due to how thin it is and the Ole Miss wordmark would look bare without it.

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