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ACC basketball jerseys ranked

ACC Basketball Jerseys Ranked

Not all ACC basketball jerseys are built the same. The ACC has one of the most unique combinations of teams leading to very bold color schemes and mascots. While every team has great jerseys in the ACC, some certainly rise above the rest.

For this list, I decided to take my favorite look from each team instead of just doing typical home or away. The only requirement was that the team had to currently have that uniform in the team’s jersey rotation.

ACC Basketball Jerseys Ranked

15: boston college

These new Boston College jerseys leave a lot to be desired. The Eagles have a really solid color scheme and logo set to work with, yet this still feels like a stock catalog jersey. New Balance basketball jerseys are going to take some time to get used to as the company still has a lot of catching up to do.

14: miami

Adidas has launched a new cut of jerseys recently that some teams are utilizing better than others. A lot of my issues with this look come from the new Adidas jersey and the Miami colors themselves. The Miami Hurricanes signature green and orange is difficult to make look good together. The school has done it before, but it definitely falls behind with this uniform set.

13: Georgia tech

These have the potential to be really good. In no way, shape, or form would I consider this look to be boring, but it just leaves me wanting more. I love the idea of sporting an all-gold look, but these fall flat in execution. The only details on the jersey are the “Tech” across the front and the player numbers as there are zero stripes or patterns to be seen on this kit.

12: Syracuse

I have to applaud the Syracuse Orange for trying something different with the side paneling on the jersey and shorts. I may not be the biggest fan of the pattern myself, but the Orange deserve credit for trying to stand out. These jerseys are fine and they look fun on the court, but the Orange certainly have rocked better looks in the past.

11: NC State

There is nothing inherently wrong with these jerseys, and that’s okay. The all-red is a very bold look and works well with the collar and shoulder piping. The entire kit isn’t trying to be flashy, but it is playing to its own strengths utilizing that bold red and subtle design.

10: Louisville

Louisville has some of the best branding in all of college sports. The “Louisville” text across the front is iconic, and the number font is truly unique to the Cardinals. This uniform utilizes a perfect balance of the school’s color scheme, which is easier said than done. The stripe pattern on the black border is a subtle factor that helps this jersey feel timeless.

9: Wake Forest

This black look from Wake Forest goes hard. Black and gold works so well together, and the Demon Deacons know that. They tried to use as little white on this jersey as possible to really make the black and the gold stand out. These two colors compliment each other so well, there was no need for trying to make this jersey set stand out compared to other ACC basketball jerseys.

8: Notre Dame

I decided to talk about Notre Dame’s white jersey with the ghosted gold lettering. If I was a Notre Dame player, I would be stoked to wear this look on gameday. It is as clean as clean can get and certainly is a modern twist on the school’s iconic color scheme. This isn’t a look that you can wear on the court every night, but it definitely holds its place as one of the stronger alternate jerseys in the ACC.

7: Clemson

On paper, the Clemson color scheme should look terrible. Somehow, the Tigers have found a way to make it work, which deserves a lot of credit. I am in love with the tiger pattern streaking up the side of the jersey and shorts. This orange pattern on the purple backdrop looks amazing and is solely unique to Clemson. I go back and forth on if I would prefer “Tigers” across the front instead of the paw print, but the paw print certainly doesn’t look bad.


6: Virginia Tech

You either love or hate the Hokies maroon and orange color scheme. I’m personally a huge fan as this color combination can only be found at Virginia Tech. The Hokie orange stands out so well on the maroon base color. I love having “Virginia” featured above the player number and “Tech” being found below it. This is certainly one the more unique ACC basketball jerseys and can stand the test of time.

5: Virginia

The University of Virginia has been subtly rebranding for the past couple of years now, and it is finally coming together. This jersey features a Cavalier sword “swoosh” across the neck and the shorts. That same sword “swoosh” can also be seen in the corners of the number font. The navy colored “Virginia” wordmark across the front looks phenomenal with an orange border. All of the school’s branding elements are being featured here in a perfect way.

4: Florida State

These Florida State black jerseys hold a special place in my heart. Some teams will attempt to add black to a uniform and miss the mark completely. The Seminoles maroon and gold looks perfect on a black backdrop and finds a way to be flashy yet extremely clean at the same time. The feather pattern across the jersey and shorts is one of the best utilizations of a school’s mascot feature I have ever seen.

3: duke

What can you really complain about with Duke basketball jerseys? This is the definition of a timeless look, and the Blue Devils are very aware of this. It would be considered a crime if Duke ever decided to change up this iconic white look.

2: Pitt

This one might come as a surprise to a lot of you. A few years ago, Pitt decided to part ways with the school’s navy and gold color scheme and bring in this more vibrant blue-and-yellow look. On top of the new colors, the school also introduced a new Panther logo that can be seen on the team shorts.

This uniform set has a perfect balance of everything you would look for in an ACC basketball jersey. I applaud this uniform for using all of the school’s logos with the “Pitt” wordmark across the chest, the secondary logo on the belt buckle, and the Panther on the shorts. The Pitt colors really shine here being featured on an all-white backdrop. I can understand why some people may have this look lower on their list, but for me, there isn’t a thing I would change about this jersey.

1: North Carolina

Is anyone really surprised to see UNC at No. 1? The Tar Heels have one of the most iconic color schemes in all of college sports, making it difficult to mess this jersey up. The argyle pattern down the sides is such a bold risk but has become a staple of any North Carolina uniform at this point. I do not have a single complaint about this look as it represents the school’s tradition while also remaining relevant in the modern day.

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