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There are plenty of different games you can play to earn money on Pocket7Games, but 2048 Blitz is one of the best. Here are some tips to make it happen.

2048 Blitz High Score Tips & Strategies

One of the best games you can play for free on Pocket7Games while still earning cash prizes is 2048 Blitz. This makes it an excellent choice for new players looking to get a feel for how the mobile gaming app works before diving into some of the higher-stake games.

If you’re a more experienced 2048 Blitz player, though, then what Pocket7Games has to offer can be even better for you. You can use your skills to make extra money for yourself through head-to-head showdowns versus other players, and if you’ve got a game, you could turn 2048 Blitz into a legit side hustle!

Either way, if you want cash prizes coming your way via 2048 Blitz, these tips and strategies are designed to help your bank account.

It might seem intimidating to the uninitiated, but this is not an overly complicated game. The rules and moves are basic. It’s all about your choices.

2048 Blitz Tips & Strategies

Utilize Practice Opportunities

Before you begin your journey to stacking winnings, you should make sure you have the game mechanics totally under control. This is especially true for inexperienced players, but even if you have been around the block, practice makes perfect!.

For just 10 Tickets, which is basically nothing, you can work on your skills, and odds are you’ll win your practice match and earn 20 Tickets. So, not only will you improve at the game and get closer to turning 2048 Blitz into a legit side hustle, you’ll also add some Tickets to your account, which can be used for a whole host of helpful things.

2048 Blitz

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t an overly complicated game, but it does look like it when you first start out. The more you play, the more comfortable you will become with how it works, and over time this will help you make the best decisions without having to stare at the screen; soon you’ll be adding some cash prizes to your account!

Focus on Game Goals

Each 2048 Blitz game will prompt you with different goals to reach. For example, you may be asked to get one 512 at some point in the game, or you could be required to come up with 16 different 32 blocks. Pay close attention to these – they let you know your path to victory. Achieving these goals, or at least getting as far along into them as possible, will be a major help to your point total. Without high point totals, you won’t be able to make extra money, so be sure to keep tabs on the goals the game provides you every contest.

2048 Blitz

Take Your Time

Think before you move. There is a timer, but that does not mean you need to rush. You will be better off if you don’t make rash decisions and prioritize perfection over speed.

It is very important to keep the whole board in mind when playing 2048 Blitz. Just because you can combine blocks doesn’t mean it’s the best move for you to make, especially when the board becomes more full and thus more cluttered, you have to take everything you see into account when making a decision.

2048 Blitz

Remember the game goals, take a deep breath, and do not act hastily. The worst feeling is seeing the move you should have made after it’s already too late. If you lose, you lose. So be it. But don’t let your winnings disappear because you weren’t careful enough!

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