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How good is your memory? Take this 2010-11 college basketball season quiz to test your knowledge of the college hoops campaign from 10 years ago.

2010-11 College Basketball Season Quiz

Is your memory good enough to ace this 2010-11 college basketball season quiz?

Now that the calendar has changed to 2021, the 2010-11 college basketball season was 10 years ago. You used to be young back then. You had more hair than you do now. You were more fun, weren’t you? Those were the days…

Relive the season that was with this trivia quiz centered around the 2010-11 hoops campaign. We’ve put together a number of questions for you mull through to see how well your memory works. Do you remember what the sport looked like a decade ago? And no, we are not just talking about the length of the shorts, although it was interesting to watch players swim in their own clothing while trying to play basketball. We’re talking about the games, the teams, the coaches, the results and more.

Ah, 2011. Back when smartphones were emerging as the new future, Barack Obama was in his first term, fedoras and platform pumps were both things that existed in the mainstream. The Minnesota Lynx won their first championship, beginning what would become a dynasty in the WNBA. The Dallas Mavericks toppled the mighty Miami Heat, winning their first NBA title in franchise history. The Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-25, in Super Bowl XLV, and Auburn overcame Oregon, 22-19, in the BCS National Championship Game. The St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Bruins won the championships in their respective leagues. But who took home the biggest prizes in college basketball?

The same teams that are on top of the college basketball world now are not the same from back then, or at least, not entirely the same as back then. We have seen programs rise and fall, coaches come and go, players enter and graduate amid all the wonderful turnover college athletics bring. Life can come at your fast in the college basketball world. Test how fast it came at you with our 2010-11 college basketball season quiz.

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