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1996 USA women's basketball Full Court Sound Off

1996 USA Women’s Basketball Changed the Game

The Full Court Sound Off podcast is here, and we covered an array of topics in our first three episodes. First, Solomon and Justin have a spirited debate over preferring the NBA or NCAA, then break down the history and impact of USA women’s basketball at the 1996 Olympics, and a current events episode touching on the NBA Finals and ongoing Olympics, featuring a heated argument over the Elam Ending.

NCAA vs. NBA + NIL Is Reality

In the first-ever episode of the Full Court Sound Off, we talk about which we prefer, the NBA or NCAA. Justin is pretty strongly in the corner of college basketball, while Solomon sticks by his NBA. Take a listen to our points and see how you feel after hearing our elite-level debate.

We also touch on new NIL laws, which took effect right when we recorded this episode. NIL already has changed college athletics drastically, and it’s only continuing from here.

1996 USA Women’s Basketball Changed the Game

With the 2020 Olympics happening now, it felt like a good time to take a dive into how the 1996 USA women’s basketball changed everything. That team went 60-0, including pre-Olympics exhibitions and games in the Games, and paved the way for the WNBA to become what it is today.

The 1996 USA women’s basketball team will forever be one of the most impactful in the sport’s history, male or female, and what it did for the game should be studied and understood by lovers of the game.

Finals Recap, Olympics, TBT & More

We wrap up our launch with an episode focused on current events. We talk about the NBA Finals and the impressive display put up by Giannis and the entire Bucks team. Then, we get into the Olympics, discussing the USA men losing to France in its first Olympics loss since 2004. Lastly, TBT sends us into a heated debate over the Elam Ending and whether it should and will become the way basketball games finish.

Don’t get too excited – this three-episode week was a launch special. Moving forward, a new episode of the Full Court Sound Off will be released every Tuesday morning. Stay tuned next week when we air Solomon’s interview with Indiana Fever guard Kelsey Mitchell about her experience in the WNBA, playing overseas, her plans off the court and much more.

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